IPP protest for Ian Hartley & John Rumney and all remaining IPPs

Where? HM Prison Buckley Hall, Buckley Farm Lane, OL12 9DP Rochdale

When? 21 October at 12:00–15:00

This protest is to be held for Ian Hartley, John Rumney and all remaining IPPs.

This protest is to get IPP sentence abolished irrespective of the offense committed, the sentences are barbaric and inhumane. The government themselves deemed IPP sentences unfit in 2012 yet 6 years on 4000 prisoners remain in custody including Ian and John.

Ian has a parole hearing coming up in November he has done all the courses asked of him and adhered to instructions but remains in prison at risk of exposure to drugs and violence. All his family want as well as all the other family members is there loved one home.